SunMirror invests into pre-production mineral exploration assets with a focus on battery metals, iron ore and gold deposits in developed markets for the purpose of evaluation and exploration with the aim, should any of the assets of SunMirror prove commercially viable, to either produce minerals at a later stage or sell those properties. Currently, SunMirror holds three exploration assets covering Lithium, Gold / Nickel and Iron Ore, all of which are in Western Australia.

Battery raw material demand is expected to be unprecedented in the coming years and exploration has an important role to play to ensure that there is a sustainable supply to meet that demand. This represents a huge opportunity for a company like SunMirror whose strategy is not only to position itself with battery metal projects in safe mining jurisdictions but to address the ethics of a progressive and sustainable approach to mineral exploration. This is fundamental to the future success of the burgeoning European EV market value chain which demands ethically sourced materials for its products.

“The rapid rise in raw material demand sees deficits forming over the next decade even if we assume all known projects come to market.”

Source: UBS Analysts research note  March 2021


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2021-12-06 07:41 UTC

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2021-11-30 11:23 UTC

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SunMirror AG: Shares to be traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of November 30, 2021 / Inclusion on Xetra in Frankfurt on December 1, 2021


2021-11-29 18:05 UTC

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