Ad hoc announcements

Ad hocs:

2024-05-29 14:55 UTC

SunMirror AG: Mr Daniel Monks resigns as member of the Board

2022-12-30 10:13 UTC

SunMirror AG: Notification of the total number of voting rights and share capital

2022-12-20 20:22 UTC

SunMirror AG: Request for amicable settlement by Compulsory Convertible Note Holders

2022-08-03 10:13 UTC

SunMirror AG: Regaining of control over Lithium 1 Pty Ltd

2022-08-01 14:12 UTC

SunMirror AG: Loss of control over Lithium 1 Pty

2022-07-05 15:07 UTC

SunMirror AG: Latitude 66 Takeover - Correction

2022-07-05 07:35 UTC

SunMirror AG: Latitude 66 Takeover

2022-02-24 18:31 UTC

SunMirror AG: Extension of Offer for Takeover Offer on Latitude 66 Cobalt Limited due to delay in capital increase

2022-01-31 18:54 UTC

Re-Opening of the Compulsory Convertible Bond

2021-12-20 14:14 UTC

SunMirror AG places compulsory convertible bond with institutional investors

2021-12-20 07:50 UTC

SunMirror AG announces launch of offer to acquire Latitude 66 Cobalt Limited

2021-12-10 10:44 UTC

Amendment to the Invitation to the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

2021-11-26 16:38 UTC

SunMirror AG Notification of the home Member State

2021-10-22 13:47 UTC

SunMirror AG plans to issue a mandatory convertible bond

06:30 UTC

SunMirror AG Early partial conversion of the convertible bond

10:34 UTC

SunMirror AG enters into agreement to offer to acquire Latitude 66

17:09 UTC

SunMirror AG General Meeting elects Lester Kemp as new member of the Board of Directors

18:20 UTC

SunMirror AG announces successful placement of a convertible bond in the equivalent value of USD 10 million

19:21 UTC

SunMirror AG receives letter of intent from Barracuda Group Ltd. to subscribe to CHF 70 million capital increase

16:44 UTC

SunMirror AG Plans CHF 70 Million Raise to Fuel Growth

15:47 UTC

Dynastar AG: Completes Reverse Take Over of Couno Resources SA

09:47 UTC

Dynastar AG decides to change its name and passes resolution for a capital increase against cash and non-cash contribution / contribution of Couno Resources

14:02 UTC

Change in Management Board

15:15 UTC

Change of majority shareholder