Planned acquisition of Latitude 66

Simon Griffiths ( Technical Advisor ) & Lester Kemp ( COO ) of SunMirror with Aaron Davies ( Exploration Manager ) of Latitude 66

On 26 August 2021 – SunMirror announced that it has, via its wholly owned subsidiary, SunMirror Luxembourg S.A. (“SM S.A.”), agreed to acquire Finnish cobalt company Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy (“Latitude 66”) with focus on exploration and mine development with its business operations located in Finland. Founded 4 years ago, Latitude 66 is one of the leading explorers of cobalt in Europe and controls the largest exploration tenement package of any single company in Finland, currently in excess of 9,000 square kilometres. Latitude 66’s most advanced mine development project is the fourth largest known cobalt deposit in the European Union (”EU“) and the second largest not yet in production. In addition, Latitude 66 has an extensive exploration portfolio with over 100 targets identified for further exploration.
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